Sunday, August 14, 2011

Stereo Wiring for a 2000 Ford Explorer


In 2000 the Ford Explorer came with three different sound systems. Before start working on updating the sound system of your Ford Explorer 2000.  Identify what sound system the Ford Motor Company installed in your vehicle!

Possible Sound System:

1.- Sound system without amplifier 
2.- Sound system with amplifier 
3.- Sound System - Mach

Important Note:
Depending on which sound system your 2000 Ford Explorer has. A different wiring diagram will apply to do the connection. 

If the sound system in the Ford Explorer 2000 is the basic system (without amplifier)​​, the connection will be simple and uncomplicated.
If the sound system in your 2000 Ford Explorer is the one with an amplifier, will be more complicated installation, because the connections are not the direct speaker to stereo type.
In the Mach sound system that Ford used in your Ford Explorer 2000 can implement the above. It is essential to take time to analyze the circuit diagram of the sound system before you start cutting wires!

For an easy connection you will need:

The tool for removing the original stereo 2000 Ford Explorer.

Wiring connector designed to engage the original connector of the 2000 Ford Explorer


Kit (Kit) of components to adapt the stereo back to the Dashboard of the 2000 Ford Explorer.

Power Wiring for Sound System with Amplifier 


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